About Me

My name is Ending Stigma. (Not really of course but I prefer to remain anonymous on here). I’m just your average adult living out my life. I have a passion for helping others and teaching others the myths and facts on mental illness. I was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder when I was a young adult and due to this diagnosis have been discriminated against and even feared more than once in my years of life. I made this blog to teach others that just because you have what is known as a severe mental illness does not mean you cannot work and be a part of the real world. Unfortunately the stigma on my mental illness is still pretty bad here in America and I have had several things closed off to me due to others finding out about it.
In my spare time I love learning about new things, I am a Ravenclaw for all of you Harry Potter fans, and was all about Team Jacob. I enjoy video gaming, writing, and crafting in my spare time. I also enjoy talking to others about some of my experiences and giving them a new outlook on mental illness. I enjoy online game play and I am totally all about Nintendo. I am looking forward to spreading knowledge on mental illness around the world.